I am excited that you have visited my website! I pray you are blessed and encouraged by what you read here, and from the songs that came from lessons learned.

My mama led me to Jesus when I was five years old. I remember very clearly how she explained that Jesus died for my sins on the cross and that if I believed in Him and asked him to forgive my sins, he would forgive me and make a place for me in heaven. I cried and asked why would he do that for me? She replied, “Because He loves you.” John 3:16 explains it best.

I knelt with her right then and asked Jesus to come into my life, and was baptized shortly after that. I wish I could say I lived a perfect life after that day, but I didn’t. I was trained in Christian school and the church that our family attended about being a disciple of Christ, and that He wants a relationship with us. How amazing that the Creator of the universe wants to hear from us.

God taught me through many mistakes and choices that I have made because He does that for those who love Him. He has also produced good from the mistakes I have made as He promises to do in Romans 8:28. Jesus’ love never fails!

My goal as you listen to the cd is that you will hear hope beyond your current situation, and that you will go after God with your whole heart because He will hear your cry and lift you out of any pit you have fallen into. {Read the Psalms for many examples}

I have been in a few pits and thought there was no way out, but when I humbled myself before God and asked for His help, He always came through.

This project is my life story , and I am so thankful to my God for sustaining me through sickness and despair and for bringing me into a season of JOY. I have my smile back. :>)

I would not have this cd without the prayers and support of so many people.
THANK YOU for your steadfast love and friendship.

I have to say a very special thank you to my husband, Lloyd. He is my Best friend on this earth, and I love him forever.

May the Lord keep my light burning for Him no matter what the future holds!

God bless you and your families.